Become the best version of yourself

Transformational Life Coaching is about helping you “unpack” and allow you to become the very best version off yourself. 

There are a lot of external pressures that can hold us back, however, the most harmful pressures are the ones that we put on ourselves. Therefore, with the help of TLC techniques, we can help remove these pressures and explore who you really are and what you genuinely want for yourself and your life. Life is not a dress rehearsal!

A large part of TLC is about “slowing down”. When we slow down and take a moment, we allow ourselves to tap into our inner voice and “get out of our head”, allowing you to discover what you really want in life. 

TLC helps you to live your life to the best off your ability by just being YOU

It’s incredible to watch clients “transform” to just being themselves, with no unrealistic or unwanted expectations. Once you completely find yourself, there are no self-limiting beliefs.

Throughout your TLC journey, you unpack your thoughts and emotions, which in turn brings clarity for you thinking and allows you to move forward in a more relaxed, confident and assured way!  

Often our thinking, limits our true possibilities!

I worked with Maggie on a 10 week Life Coaching programme recently. I wasn’t looking for a complete overhaul of my life but rather a fine-tuning of certain areas and a desire to achieve a better balance in my life between a very busy work and family life. I found it to be a fantastic and really helpful experience that gave me the chance to genuinely “step off the wheel” for a little while each week. Maggie was brilliant at helping me focus on what really matters to me and advised of different techniques for relaxation and focus. Whilst this isn’t a magic wand for all of life’s problems her friendly and understanding nature made for a great and rare opportunity to reflect and re-focus which was really valuable for me.


After feeling like I’d lost myself after life events and lockdown, I worked back to myself again with TLC and Maggie’s patience in working out how the process would work best for me. During one of our sessions together, I hit a moment of realisation of a real change in myself and seen the progress I’d made. What a difference!


I found my session with Maggie very positive. I had been struggling with some issues at work that were making me feel very stressed. I found that even after a single session I felt able to view the situation that was causing me stress from a different perspective. It helped to re-frame the issue. I found Maggie very easy to talk to and found her approach very calming and supportive. Not sure how the technique works, but the main thing is it does!